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Q: I don't have time to go through the Certification Process. Is there a way for me to get involved in RGD otherwise?

A: If you have more than 8 years of education and work experience combined, you may become an Affiliate Member. If you have less than this, you may be eligible for Provisional Membership.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: That's entirely up to you and how quickly you would like to move through the steps. Typically, the Process takes 4-6 weeks from the time you submit your application.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Eligible applicants (fee is only required after you are deemed eligible to go through the Process) are required to pay a one-time admin fee of CDN $150 (seniority applicants) or $250 (regular) plus applicable taxes; this fee is waived for for Provisional RGDs and Affiliate Members. Once you have successfully completed the Process, the annual fee for Certified RGD Membership is CDN $375 plus applicable taxes. 

Q: I am based outside of Canada. Can I still complete Certification? 

A: Yes, the Test is completed online and the Portfolio Presentation is conducted virtually so anyone, anywhere in the world, may go through the process. The Association has many Certified RGD Members practising across Canada and even in the US and beyond. We encourage you to review the benefits of RGD Membership to see if you are interested in taking advantage of all we offer.

Q: I have a design degree and over 15 years experience as a Senior Graphic Designer. Do I still have to go through the Certification process if I want to become an RGD?

A: No one may become a Certified RGD without going the the Certification Process. Seniority applicants must successfully completing the Portfolio Presentation and the Ethics and Accessibility sections of the Online Test. If you have 15 years of relevant experience, you are exempt from the other 3 sections of the Online Test.

Q: I have worked for 10 years as a graphic designer but completed a diploma or degree in something other than graphic design. Can I become an RGD?

A: Anyone with 7 years of relevant work experience is eligible to apply. An Eligibility Review Committee reviews all applications to determine eligibility to move to the next stages of completing the Process, which are the Online Test and Portfolio Presentation.

Q: What happens if I fail?

A: Online Test

  • Each of the 5 sections of the Online Test has a passing mark, based on marks from past successful candidates
  • If you do not achieve the passing mark for either Ethics or Accessibility, you will be required to take those sections again. If you fail 1 or more of the other 3 sections, this information will be compared to the score of your Portfolio Presentation to determine if you were required to pass it. Based on your Portfolio Presentation score, you may have to write certain sections of the Online Test again.
  • If you fail any section of the Online Test three times, you must wait 6 months before you can take a section again.

A: Portfolio Presentation

If you fail to meet the evaluation criteria for the Portfolio Presentation, you will receive suggestions for how to improve your work and an opportunity to join the RGD in another category. Candidates who do not pass have the opportunity to re-apply in 2 years. Candidates can also appeal the decision and redo the Portfolio Presentation with 3 new Reviewers who have no knowledge of past results. The same 6 case studies submitted as part of the initial application must be presented during the second presentation.