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Case StudyNov 16, 2023

Robin Miller RGD designs branding for a BC retreat

Logo for the Eagles Grove

By Robin Miller RGD, Independent Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist


The owners of The Eagles Grove, an intentional retreat in Sooke, BC, were looking for branding that captured—in a playfully refined way—a sense of place, home and the healing alchemy of nature.

Two architecturally-designed cedar cabins and a six-person wellness sauna, thoughtfully placed to minimize their environmental footprint, nestle amongst mossy trees and wildflowers. This serene integration and tranquil coexistence with the living world fosters a haven for wildlife—a family of quail, grazing deer, lively rabbits and soaring eagles are frequent woodland visitors. Hoping to embody the seamless blending of home and nature, The Eagles Grove wanted the branding to incorporate the magical quality of clear starry night and the local flora and fauna.

Logo design and illustration examples for The Eagles Grove


When considering the image of home from a bird's eye view (like an eagle might), it appeared as a place of kinship, connection and personal mythology. The natural world and animals have long been essential to many great myths, fables and family legends. From this, the concept of simple hand-drawn folk art-inspired characters was drawn.

Small details of asymmetry throughout the brand add layers of humanness and warmth, while customized crossbar elements in the word mark—a crescent moon and stars—add a sense of whimsy. Like a pin on a map, a dot cradled by a curving arm marks a place of importance—a place infused with a sense of wholeness, belonging and home.

The Eagles Grove's primary colour was inspired by the lush greens of the Canadian West Coast. At the same time, a rich red-yellow references the warmth of hemlock and cedar. A soothing cream hue links us to the whitewashed aspen walls of the cabin's interior. Additional brand elements, including a monogram and emblems, were created for future use on a website, as well as branded stationery and packaging for home goods such as incense, candles and loose-leaf tea.

Examples of The Eagles Grove branding


The plants and animals of The Eagles Grove's logo come together—like pieces in a puzzle—illustrating how all beings are interconnected. With stars in their eyes and shining overhead, these creatures invite the viewer into a world of storytelling and wonder—creating an experience that is welcoming, charming and joyous. The final result is a brand that celebrates a haven for connection, rest, natural beauty and wildness.


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