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Case StudyJun 26, 2024

Visualize: A book showcasing what it's like to live with ADHD

Written by Rowan Wright, Keep On! Creative


This project intends to find a new way to connect people to ADHD, a condition often stereotyped as a child bouncing off the walls, when in reality, it encompasses much more. This has led to many folks I know to feel misrepresented. Through this research project, I set out to find a proper visual representation for what it is like to live with ADHD.


The project started with a workshop where people with ADHD shared their experiences with the disorder. The participants used highlighters to mirror the vibrant emotions of ADHD and painted a collective image of the disorder. With this as a base, I designed a publication where I share my experiences with the disorder, using the tagline 'Empathy Through Experience'. 

The publication has three different kinds of spreads engaging with the viewer in different ways: (1) a photographic spread—situating where I experienced different symptoms, (2) experiential spreads—involving different tactile elements such as pop up pages to engage the viewer and (3) written spreads—cutting right to the heart of the content. Additionally, to reinforce the experiential aspect, I created an augmented reality experience by animating spreads included as cards in the book. The choice of risograph printing was intentional, as it mimicks the vibrant hues characteristic of highlighter pens.

The tangible elements got people to sit with the book to soak in the message while the AR component engaged people in a more meaningful way by offering a sensory experience. To further build this project out as a brand, I used printer ink stains and created ADHD in clothing form.


The publication engaged two different target audiences—those with ADHD and those without ADHD. For those with ADHD, it was a new form of representation and for those without ADHD, it offers them a new level of understanding for what it's like to live with the disorder. 

At the first public showing, I was pleased to hear how my work had made people with ADHD feel truly represented. It was not my expectation that I would create a school project with such a wide breadth of content, but now I'm excited to see how the project can further connect people with experiences which can engage the senses and encourage empathy.

Thank you to workshop participants Linda Serrano, Ryan Kwan, Liv Diamond, Sage Oleander, Dan Dredger, Lyana Azneil, Alice Fei, Diana Tu, Caitlyn Loy, Ainsley Shields, Eden Luna Goldet, Teega Eisner Greif, Frida Escartin Martinez and others who wished to remain anonymous. 

Rowan Wright

Keep On! Creative

Ayo! I'm Rowan and my studio is Keep On! Creative. I take on a variety of creative projects ranging from complete brand packaging, web design, and publication design. I’m able to figure out what is necessary for the project and I’ll bring it to life. I take pride in creating products that capture the vision of your projects.


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