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Case StudyJan 13, 2023

Rebranding by Eye Candy Design for Herb-infused Coffee

Images of the Eye candy packaging; and front and side facing view

By Amanda DeVries RGD, Owner and Creative Director at Eye Candy Design


Cafézia offers a unique version of coffee that has been infused with tasteless herbs, giving it the abiility to reduce stomach upset and the “jitters” that sometimes come with drinking coffee. Such a coffee has a very specific positioning in this category and requires some degree of education to help consumers understand its benefits.

The existing consumer confusion was around the idea of the herbs infused in the coffee: Was this coffee or an herbal substitute? Does it still contain caffeine? Does it taste different? We knew addressing these concerns would be the priority and took this into account during the exploration phase.

Photograph of Cafezia coffee packaging


We combined a leaf and coffee bean to represent the brand as an icon and created a series of packaging that clearly illustrates what you can expect to find within each bag. The project involved branding, standard coffee bags as well as sampler and wholesale sizes, shelf talkers and website mock-ups. The colour palette has been the most mentioned part of the project and is created to allow many variations in marketing materials and brand assets while still remaining true to the original aesthetic. 

Cafezia packaging examples


We took full advantage of the real estate on the packaging to clearly illustrate the combination of herbs and coffee. The packaging received wide appreciation and gave the client confidence to expand the reach of the product beyond the current regional borders. The client was happy to share the following quantifiable results from the first 7 months:

  • 25 additional cities in Ontario are carrying the product in retailer spaces
  • 11% growth in new and existing spaces

and our favourite:

  • 4 new retailers purchased the product based solely on the packaging and brand elements (did not try the coffee first)

Credits: Website Development: Erika Blažejová


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