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InspirationJan 18, 2024

2024 National Magazine Awards’ brand identity by Made by Emblem

Branding for 2024 National Magazine Awards

Made by Emblem elevates National Magazine Awards' brand identity using the asterisk and typeface by PangramPangram foundry.


The National Magazine Awards (coupled with the B2B and digital publishing offshoots) represents one of Canada's most prestigious awards in the fields of journalism and editorial design. The National Media Awards Foundation was interested in elevating the look and feel of the NMA’s to encourage more engagement by potential entrants, judges and participants in the foundation’s programming. Since the Awards are a primary mode of engagement for the foundation, they commissioned Made by Emblem to help define the foundation's identity to be as design-savvy as the work they honour.

Posters showcasing the 2024 National Magazine Awards branding


Made by Emblem used typography to create a visual identity that focuses on a single symbol that is a marker of special significance: the asterisk. The term 'asterisk' comes from the Greek word asteriskos, meaning little star. The asterisk is used to call attention to additional information related to existing text. The National Magazine Awards do the same—they award both the individuals and institutions deserving recognition for their achievements in the editorial world. 

Using the Editorial Old typeface by PangramPangram, the identity for the 2024 National Magazine Awards gives personality and star-power to editorial design through the asterisk while keeping one referential foot in the world of typesetting and print. Made by Emblem delivered two libraries of templates and assets in French and English for promotion of the awards and for business reach-outs, keeping every touch point cohesive and considered.

Posters showcasing the 2024 National Magazine Awards branding


Through the play on the asterisk, Made by Emblem elevated the National Magazine Awards' identity to effectively hold its place as the benchmark of Canadian journalism. The asterisk, a marker of special significance, embodies the foundation's dedication to promoting excellence in both journalism and editorial design. The new brand identity was very well received by the foundation and its stakeholders.

Tote bag with 2024 National Magazine Awards branding


Art Director and Designer: Christina Kim
Associate Creative Director: Joshua Duchesne 
Video Editor: Sean Kung 
Type: PangramPangram Foundry

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