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InsightApr 11, 2021

Learning list: Anti-Black racism and graphic design

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Embedded in the Western graphic design industry is anti-Black racism and Eurocentrism.

This Black History Month, we've compiled a by no means exhaustive list of graphic design-related resources and articles that explore the experiences of Black designers and the effects of white supremacy in the industry.

Seminal works to read/view

Articles & books


Instagram accounts to follow

  • Black Designers of Canada, “Canada’s first comprehensive index of Canadian Black designers.”
  • Design Justice Network, “an international community of people and organizations who are committed to rethinking design processes so that they centre people who are too often marginalized by design.”
  • Where Are the Black Designers, “an initiative and platform for Black designers. By connecting designers, educators, and creative leaders, [they] host a dialogue about change, both in and out of the design industry.”
  • AFROTECTOPIA, “a social institution fostering interdisciplinary innovation at the intersections of art, design, technology, Black culture, and activism.”

Other resources

  • For educators: Racism Untaught, “design educators who facilitate workshops for academics and industry to identify forms of Racialized Design – design that perpetuates elements of racism.”

Many of these articles and resources are American. If you're aware of anti-Black racism and graphic design-related pieces written from a Canadian perspective that should be added to this list, please email Rebecca at

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