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Virtual Networks

The RGD offers Members two platforms on which to connect.

Certified, Provisional RGD, Affiliate and Jr. Affiliate Members are invited to join RGD's Slack Workspace to connect, ask questions and start discussions with fellow Members.

What makes the RGD slack community unique?

Offering channels focused on design #events, #jobs and #random links/gifs, RGD's Slack Workspace is also a place where Members can share some of the things that make our community special.

As a community that is exclusive to Certified, Provisional RGD, Affiliate and Jr. Affiliate Members, being a member of the RGD Slack Workspace means having access to a highly-curated community of experienced design professionals who are available to engage in conversation and answer questions.

RGD's Slack Workspace is open to Members from around the world and offers region-specific channels to help users connect with local RGDs in their communities.

Channels in the RGD Slack Workspace include:
#accessibility: All your questions and answers on accessibility. Find our top RGDs on accessibility here.
#career-advice: dedicated to members looking for advice on developing their careers as creative professionals, this channel hosts conversations on topics such as how to network when you’re shy, how to approach tests when interviewing for a job and how to brand yourself.
#ethicalissues: hosts discussions on spec work, sustainability in design and inspiration vs infringement. This channel is a great place to dig into the deeper issues facing design.
#inhousedesign is an excellent place for those working in house to gather and share their experiences. We’ve had conversations about project management, ways to manage assets, and how to manage internal stakeholders.
#vendors: a channel where users can request recommendations for vendors and suppliers that RGD Members have had good experiences with, such as web developers, photographers, printers and more.

How do I get started?

If you are a Certified RGD, Provisional RGD, Affiliate or Jr. Affiliate Member who has not joined the Slack Workspace, email to be added.

What makes the RGD Discord unique?

The RGD Emerging Designer Network on Discord facilitates communication and networking amongst the next generation of designers.

What’s Discord?

Discord is a social networking platform that is great for building communities. 

  • Chat, network or share something you found inspiring – there’s a channel for that!
  • Keep up with announcements about discord and RGD events all in one place.
  • Access virtual Design Socials and Q&A nights with Certified RGD Members.
  • Find great resource links to help you balance school, work and life.
  • Communicate with your peers in a safe, moderated, space.

How to join?

If you are a Student RGD, Junior Affiliate or Provisional RGD Member, your original RGD email confirming your Membership should have provided an invite link. If you do not have this email or have any questions, please email