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Student RGD Application

This is the application form for a Student RGD membership. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Veri at

Account Information

Required field: Enter valid email address
Your RGD URL: https// Required field: Enter a unique RGD URL to appear after[profile-refernce]
Required field: Enter valid phone number
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Mailing Address

Enter the full name of your province/state

Enrolment information

Enter the full name of your College/University

Upload your proof of enrolment

Submit a scan of your Student I.D. card with expiration date or screen capture of current timetable in a separate form.

Note: you must submit this separate document with this form in order to have a valid application.

Submit proof

Personal Information

Please describe any intersectionalities that are important to your identity. (We plan to use this information to better understand RGD's Membership and ensure we are accessible, relevant and inclusive to all. This information will not be shared publicly.)


Paste the full url to your social media account. For example: ""


The annual fee for Student Membership is $50; you will be prompted to make payment upon submission of this form.

(in Canadian dollars, does not include sales tax based on your location within Canada. There is no tax outside of Canada)

Next Steps

Applications are reviewed for accuracy. Information is confidential and only disclosed to persons involved in the review process.

If accepted as a Student RGD, you will be notified by email, at which time you will receive a digital Membership card identifying your status as a Student RGD in the Association of Registered Graphic Designer (RGD).


See the Association’s privacy policy statement at