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Invest in your designers

And get your ROI. 

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) is Canada’s largest organization for graphic design professionals, offering professional development, inspiration, resources and community involvement for your creative team.

There are a number of reasons why it pays to support your employees with RGD Memberships.

Investing in your people pays off

According to the American Psychological Association, feeling valued is a key indicator of job performance. By paying your team’s Membership dues in RGD, you not only benefit from their involvement, but you also demonstrate your commitment to their professional growth. Increased job satisfaction means increased loyalty, increased productivity and an increase in your bottom line.

Inspiration is critical for design success

Designers need opportunities to be inspired. Our DesignThinkers conferences help Members get their creative juices flowing. Either by attending in person or online, Members hear from design visionaries from around the world, inspiring them to consider new creative solutions.

Leveraging trends offers competitive advantages

RGD Members receive updates on new technologies, new ways of working and new strategies to use design to inform, influence and excite audiences. Through the RGD, designers access a range of resources from free webinars to free magazines and catalogues of award-winning work.

Thought leadership

The RGD offers Members opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and promote their abilities, which in turn enhances your organization’s reputation. RGDs can profile new projects through RGD’s communications channels, get discounts to enter competitions and present professional development webinars, which can be attended by you and your prospective clients and stakeholders, among other opportunities. RGD staff also work with RGDs to develop case studies for projects to be featured on the RGD’s website.

Ethical employees increase client trust

RGD Members are required to abide by a Code of Ethics, which outlines their responsibilities to employers, clients and the industry. Not only can this increase your confidence in their professionalism, but it also builds trust with internal and external clients.

Community involvement = increase confidence

When designers feel like they're a part of their community, it builds their belief in themselves. RGDs have access to mentorship and volunteer opportunities where they can share knowledge, learn from others and build their profession.

Employees share the wealth

RGD Members receive benefits that you can access. Certified RGDs can post an unlimited number of job openings on your behalf on the RGD website at no charge. Members also receive discounts with industry suppliers, including for insurance, stock photography, fonts, courses and books.