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Trudy Wong

  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Trudy Wong Student RGD

Trudy has a combination of programming and design experience. After completing a bachelor's degree in computer science, she worked in the field for a handful of years. But with increased exposure to creative careers and her continuous involvement in artistic activities, her curiosity and interest in a design career grew, and she decided to explore the design world. Her design education began at VFS where she specialized in motion graphic design, and also learnt some graphics, branding, and UI/UX. Currently, she is in the part-time graphic design program at BCIT to solidify her design education. In the design world, she aspires to specialize in illustration, web design, and development with a touch of motion graphics. Her other interests include photography, and pottery, as well as running, hiking, travelling, and exploring new things.


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