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Josiah Chung

  • UI
  • UX
  • Web Design
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Josiah Chung Student RGD

Hi Everyone, my name is Josiah. I am a second year Graphic Design student at Durham College. I am learning more about different areas of Graphic design while applying myself in different areas of life. I tend to focus on UX/UI work and am currently in the midst of creating a creative business surrounding my study as a student, but mainly as an artist and creative person.
Identifies as 2 Year Graphic Design Student, Founder of Heart of Fire Designs Studio

Whitby, ON

Member since 09, 13

Student Entrepreneurship Assistant @ ORSIE - Durham College


I know a lot about...

“Artwork and creativity. I share in the passions of being an artist through my painting and desires for creativity. I am starting to expand that field into design, and I want people to know that they can be creative in some form or way.”

I'm thinking a lot about...

“The future, how we want to approach creativity and what it means to people. I am thinking about how I approach design, how to incorporate my artwork and creativity into my design. I am thinking about how I can spur other people on in there creative journeys and passions.”

The best advice I've ever received is...

“To start, to take chances and reach out to people. You will never know who you connect to, who wants you to work for them, who can change you or impact your future if you don't go out there and try.”