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Juliana CamargoRGD


  • Brand Strategy
  • Editorial
  • Production
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Juliana Camargo RGD

Juliana is a committed graphic designer with seven years of experience working with social impact organizations. At Power House Design, her independent creative consultancy, she uses her problem-solving mind to work with diverse communities and leverage their unique storytelling to develop brand strategies while creating core assets like brand guidelines, reports, digital banners and information graphics with a clean and engaging design. With a highly collaborative disposition, she helps non-profits, social enterprises and environmental organizations show their impact.

Mississauga, ON

Member since September 29, 2021

Senior Graphic Designer @ Power House Design


I know a lot about...

“With a huge love for everything design, I specialize in visual communications, editorials like the design of brochures, reports and information graphics, project coordination, and production.”

You should hire me because...

“I am an adaptable and resourceful professional who enjoys learning about a brand's journey and the story behind its products and actions. With a strategic approach, I will understand their audience and locate areas to improve while creating the core materials that every organization should have to showcase their impact.”

The best part about the RGD is...

“being part of this incredible collaborative community of creative people who come together to share their love for design! Designers supporting Designers.”