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Armando AscorveRGD


  • Advertising
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
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Armando Ascorve RGD

I am Armando Ascorve Morales, a Mexican Graphic designer with over 16 years of experience in the creative industry. As the founder of Buro Studio, a creative agency in Veracruz, Mexico, I have built a reputation for delivering innovative design solutions. My career has included roles as the former Creative Director and Lead Designer at Klear Innovations, where I specialized in software development for payments and financial services, and as a Graphic Designer at Aqua Fast Flush. In addition to my design expertise, I am a professional wedding, commercial, and portrait photographer. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master's degree in Advertising Studies, along with certifications in photography and videography. My diverse skill set has been instrumental in executing successful advertising campaigns and brand development projects. My career also includes teaching in the Marketing, Communication, and Advertising faculty at the Centro Universitario Hispano Mexicano. I have served as the Marketing Manager at Critical Colon University and as the Creative Director of AD Magazine. Since 2021, I have been a proud member of the RGD, marking the beginning of my new journey in Canada. I am looking forward to continuing my growth and learning experience, connecting with creative people, and seizing the opportunity to be creative in a different country. Throughout my career, I have worked on a wide array of projects, always driven by the belief that creativity in graphic design is about solving problems for clients and delivering exceptional results. My dedication to my craft and ability to adapt to various challenges make me a valuable asset to any project I undertake.
Identifies as Photographer and Creative Director

Hamilton, ON

Member since September 29, 2021

Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager @ Aqua Fast Flush Ltd


I know a lot about...

“Creative process for concept development, photography and design integration.”

I'm thinking a lot about...

“Planning to establish my own creative agency at the right time in my new journey in Canada.”

You should hire me because...

“I am an enthusiastic problem-solver who becomes deeply invested in projects, driven by a passion for creative solutions.”