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Minal KharkarRGD

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Minal Kharkar RGD

Always fascinated about story telling and this Chinese proverb summarizes my story - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The passion behind MK Branding + Design started over 2 decades ago in one of Mumbai, India’s best art schools. After receiving my BFA, I began my artistic career with an ad agency based in Regina, Saskatchewan; this would also be the start of my Canadian journey as well.

Eventually, Toronto became my home and I enjoyed 15 exciting years as the Senior Graphic Designer with Scholastic Canada. I have always been very passionate about the creative process, and I make it unique by infusing it with strategic and solution-based ideas.

As more lucrative freelance opportunities presented themselves along the way, so did the desire to create my own brand.

Building a distinctive brand essence, creating a strong visual presence, and differentiating brands from their competition is my absolute passion. I believe that a brand is a promise that a company makes to their customers and I want to help you do exactly that.

I am a dedicated brand designer and with the support of a team of freelancers, we use our talents to build relationships with clients to bring their visions to life.

Culture is a very important part of my personal life and I try to align with initiatives that blend cultural awareness and humanity. My recent project, a website redesign of, is a great example of my free-spirited creative thinking. I explore and experiment with design in a creative way that is both unique and rewarding.

Identifies as Branding | Social Media | Print Design

Toronto, ON

Member since September 06, 2019

Creative Director, Graphic Designer @ MK Branding + Design


I'm an RGD Member because...

“Becoming an RGD member was one of the best moves I could have made, especially when making the switch back to being a freelancer. Initially, the transition seemed a bit daunting but I found that having the RGD designation and connecting to the design community was comforting and empowering.”

The best part about the RGD is...

“The RGD designation is recognized as a representation of integrity, professionalism, quality, and competence. On a personal level, I appreciate RGD’s commitment to continuous learning, research, and mentorship.”

You should hire me because...

“We are one stop shop for branding, social media content creation and print design. Crafting brand stories that are relatable, believable, unifying & inspiring is our absolute passion. Our expertise lies in creating stories where your audience will notice your emphasis on entertaining, exceptional, authentic, and organic content.”