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Iliana SergeevRGD

  • Brand Strategy
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Demetres Danforth - Environmental Graphics & Art

Iliana Sergeev RGD

Iliana Sergeev is the founder and leader of IS Design Labs, an award-winning design hub. She has over 15 years of experience working across multiple disciplines such as branding, design strategy, marketing, advertising, interior graphics and art. With a focus on cross-disciplinary, strategic design, Iliana's goal is to create experiences that communicate, touch, and influence. As an accomplished artist and public speaker, Iliana's passion for problem-solving and communication is not bound by strict definitions. She pushes the boundaries of graphic design and dimensional experiences to create custom art with stunning visuals and deep meaning. Iliana is a visionary designer with experience spanning numerous industries and a commitment to human-centered design.

toronto, ON

Member since April 20, 2017

Owner | Brand Strategist | Creative Director @ IS Design Labs


I know a lot about...

“Branding! As I like to say: "The visual identity is that invisible handshake to present you/your company within seconds." I am passionate about finding strategic directions to position brands for success, and also finding creative ways to path the brand’s journey from ideation to implementation.”

You should hire me because...

“I know how to grow your brand strategically and artfully, not only on paper and digitally but in physical spaces - wall statement pieces, murals, installations, and signage programs which are on-brand and inspiring. I explore and expand the intersection of graphics, brands and spaces.”

I'm an RGD Member because...

“I value keeping up with new knowledge and ideas, evolving how we work, improving our processes by learning from best practices and finding inspiration. I also enjoy being part of the community. Meeting fellow designers, business owners as well as mentoring design students and reviewing portfolios helps me feel connected.”