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Templates & Agreements

The following collection of sample forms and agreements consists of material provided by Registered Members of the Association to be used for reference and customization.

The user is advised that these forms and sample agreements are generic and not intended to be used as is. They are provided as a source of information and reference only. Users are advised to consult professional legal advice and financial advice to ensure that their rights and interest are fully protected.

Client/Design Brief

A design brief is a critical first step in building an understanding of a design project. It is a written document outlining all the objectives, goals, rationale, milestones and audience to better inform and to build trust and clear communication between the designer, design team and the client. The brief should act as the most current and up-to-date point of reference for all the participants on the project.

When to use this form

At the beginning of the project to gather information about the work you will be completing together with your client. It is advised to share this final document with your client to get their approval and alignment on the project goals and overview.

Client/Design Brief (PDF)

Design Purchase Order

A purchase order is a great way to avoid miscommunication with your client, supplier, partner or freelancers. It provides clear documentation of your service deliverables, your estimate or proposal, your milestones and it also includes information on payment terms and methods. A purchase order can help to advocate for all parties' payment terms and streamline your cash flow.

When to use this form

Ask for a purchase order from your client once your project has been approved, you can document this number on your invoices for better tracking with your client's accounts payable.

Design Purchase Order (PDF)

Client Estimate/Quotation

An estimate is an excellent way to clearly communicate your design services to your client in a straightforward and professional manner. It is important to outline the client's needs with your recommended approach and the value pricing you apply against those design services. You may include timeline, milestones, payment terms, and any other professional information.

When to use this form

An estimate is typically created for a prospective client before a new project is accepted and started.

Client Estimate/Quotation (PDF)