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Cross-Category Winners

Preview of the printed 2020 Roots to Harvest Annual Report

Judges' Pick

Roots to Harvest Annual Report by Pulp + Paper Creative in Thunder Bay, Canada

"This stunning and innovative annual report design uses a tried and true approach of strong typography, clever iconography, clear writing, and best of all, ink and paper! The final piece is not only highly useful but it is heartfelt and hearty. A telling and timely model for a not-for-profit addressing food insecurity in its community."

—Andrew Boardman RGD, CGD

Local not-for-profit Roots to Harvest created a brand that walks a fine line between grassroots and professional. With regular programming on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization shifted to emergency food access and required an updated annual report to incorporate additional assets and information for an unprecedented year. The genuine, authentic, tactile design appeals to supporters and funders in a laid back, ‘messy in a good way’ format, presenting content in a way they’ll want to share with friends. website shown in mobile screens

Judges' Pick by Mangold Design in Napa, United States (Client: Building Healthy Online Communities, based at Springboard HealthLab)

"Brilliant!! Clever! Audacious! Informative! A really light design for such a dense subject." 

—Guto Novelli

This program is designed to provide free HIV/STI home test kits delivered securely and discreetly from state and local health departments to their constituents. Focusing on bridging gaps in sexual health for Men who have sex with Men (MSM) and others at risk, the design was informed by a poll of users of the gay dating app Grindr, who favoured bold text, bright colours and black and white photography as key pillars for the visual approach. The program is promoted through dating apps and via public health agencies who can include the link with other health promotion materials. The pilot of the web app in early 2021 was such a success, the site was restructured to add lab-based tests along with a secure user portal where users can access their results, in addition to making it accessible to Spanish-speaking users.

Print and digital design

Social Innovation Through Interdisciplinary Design by IED Istituto Europe di Design in São Paulo, Brazil (Client: IED and OCAS Project)

In 2020, the fourth semester class of the Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Digital Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED SP) developed an interdisciplinary project whose theme was the social vulnerability of individuals who are homeless in the city of São Paulo, in partnership with the Social Institution OCAS (Civil Organization for Social Action). Content was executed across a variety of media including print and digital editorial publications, videos, animations and a crowdfunding campaign. To help bring society together in a broader discussion of the issue of homelessness, content was shared across social media and through partnerships with relevant companies and organizations.

Printed spreads of the BC Women's Health Foundation brand guidelines

BC Women's Health Foundation Rebrand by Partners & Hawes in Vancouver, Canada 

To raise brand awareness and address the challenges of lagging donations and confusion with other, larger hospital foundations, the BCWHF required a brand that would strengthen the organization’s position on the world stage. The communication strategy triggers a strong emotional connection to prompt immediate and sustained action and help “break the glass ceiling on women’s health”. The brand strategy focuses on the message of empowerment through refinements of the current logo, typography, tone and colour palette across all relevant applications. Bold headlines, expressive photography and graphic treatments to evoke the idea of shifting from ‘invisible’ to ‘invincible’ helped underscore the message. Post launch, the foundation had its highest disbursement in its 26 year history with an overwhelming community response.

Digital preview of Ctrl+Alt+Del KBGO! pocket book

Ctrl+Alt+Del KBGO! Pocket Book by PurpleCode Collective in Jakarta Greater Area, Indonesia

This pocketbook provides a source of knowledge, a catalyst for discussion and a resource on basic guidelines for understanding Online Gender Based Violence (OGBV). It is designed to be relevant for those who seek help themselves, individuals who look to provide help to survivors and for wider audiences who can provide solidarity in working towards a feminist approach to online interactions. The visual design uses a digital interface appearance to emphasize the ubiquity of digital technology and how it can be leveraged for good. This book is one step in the long road of advocacy for feminist technology, intended to encourage more groups to understand this form of violence and take action against it.