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Veggies-to-Go™ Brand Redesign

Veggies-To-Go brand identity graphics

Mucci Farms

Kingsville, ON

The main objectives of the Veggies-To-Go revitalization project were to modernize the design, emphasize its appeal to children and improve operational efficiencies in packaging. The primary goal from a design perspective was to modernize the look and feel of the brand to facilitate parents in introducing healthy snacking options to their kids. This was accomplished by transitioning from humanized produce characters to crayon illustrations of various modes of transportation, to playfully emphasize the brand’s on-the-go feel. A brighter colour palette and updated logo were incorporated to create a point of attraction on store shelves. The launch campaign, including a Back-To-School partnership with local retailers, reinforced the new brand. QR codes on the packaging and targeted social media campaigns generated over 250,000 impressions and numerous consumer inquiries. The immediate sell-out of Veggies-To-Go packages in local markets and the need to increase supply underscored the project’s success, highlighting strong consumer demand and market acceptance. The revitalization project exceeded expectations, contributing to increased sales and a positive community reception.

side to side comparison of Veggies-To-Go brand identity and packaging before and after redesign
Veggies-To-Go in-store pop-up


  • Mucci Farms Creative Team