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TRIUMF House Branding

TRIUMF House brand identity


Vancouver, BC

Located at the University of British Columbia, TRIUMF is Canada’s leading particle accelerator centre, hosting 1,000+ researchers and students annually. TRIUMF House, a guesthouse for scientists, offers a cozy stay near the lab. Evolving alongside TRIUMF’s brand, TRIUMF House now aligns with the main brand while maintaining its unique charm, fostering stronger relationships with visitors. The refreshed logo integrates TRIUMF’s main brand with an iconic TRIUMF house facade icon, offering familiarity to visitors and a distinct identity for new guests. Inspired by the chart of nuclides, brand colours include cyan from TRIUMF’s main branding, complemented by a vibrant palette. Quirky messaging reflects the unique physics community served. Since its launch, the site has been promoted by users significantly more than before the rebrand, and researchers feel more confident recommending the experience to their international peers. 

TRIUMF House brand colours and graphic pattern inspiration

Judge’s Pick

Christine Goucher RGD, Director, Creative Studio, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON

“Incorporating input from individuals deeply involved with the scientists and visitors, the project stands as a testament to the power of personal connection. From the meticulous detailing evident in the colour selections to the thoughtful design of key tags, every aspect bears the imprint of these meaningful relationships. The brand palette, anchored by TRIUMF’s signature cyan, incorporates vibrant hues inspired by the chart of nuclides, infusing the collateral with a sense of energy and innovation. This thematic influence extends to the pattern design, fostering an atmosphere that is both welcoming and polished. Congratulations on a great project!”

TRIUMF House website landing page preview


  • Art Direction: Diana Castaneda RGD
  • Brand Design: Jessica Peng
  • Illustration: Jessica Peng
  • Web Design: Maria Munir