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Summer Sessions Campaign

Cactus Club Cafe's Summer Sessions Campaign branded coasters

Cactus Club Cafe

Vancouver, BC

Summer Sessions was launched in collaboration with Aperol, including a promotion every Sunday and Monday featuring a suite of Aperol cocktails. The key objective was to drive sales throughout the summer and introduce a new Fraperol Spritz drink with an appealing campaign that invited guests to enjoy the season with Cactus Club Cafe. Beyond promoting food and drinks, a cohesive summer campaign was created that transported guests to a sun-drenched patio in southern Italy. The campaign toolkit included vibrant graphics and a colour palette that compliments Aperol’s branding, a modern font with a touch of vintage Italian flair and a golden hour photo and video aesthetic that extends from the studio to the patio. The campaign spread across all brand touchpoints, so whether browsing their Instagram feed or visiting in-restaurant, guests left with the same impression all summer. Partners at Aperol praised the Summer Sessions campaign, calling it one of the strongest they’ve seen. Instagram and TikTok audiences grew by more than 5% and 10% respectively, emails generated more reservations and higher click-through rates and the Fraperol Spritz became one of Cactus’ top-selling seasonal cocktails.

Signage for Cactus Club Cafe's Summer Sessions Campaign
Cactus Club Cafe's Summer Sessions Campaign photography style


  • Senior Director, Brand + Creative: Ryan Roddy
  • Creative Director: Bev Turner
  • Brand Director: Nicki Licas
  • Design Lead: Steph McDonell
  • Designer: Meabh Silke, Ronnie Mejia
  • Freelance Photography: Kornelia Kulbaki
  • Freelance Videography: Shawn Will Lee
  • Copywriter: Katrina Riccio