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Respiratory Illness Seasonal Digital Campaign

Respiratory Illness Seasonal Digital Campaign posters

Peel Region

Brampton, ON

Every year, Peel Public Health works with the in-house communications team on an awareness campaign for Peel residents to educate and emphasize the importance of vaccination during respiratory illness season. The main challenge was finding a creative way to reach an audience tired and frustrated by public health messaging. The solution was to hit on the universal theme that “getting sick sucks” and is something we all dislike. The “Know the feeling?” artwork uses minimal copy to intrigue the viewer to click a link and learn more, versus hitting them over the head with the vaccination and public health prevention message they are so tired of. The campaign featured organic and paid Facebook and Instagram ads and Google search and display ads, key tactics for measuring the campaign’s success regarding awareness and education. Google display ads generated over 2.3M impressions and 8,700 clicks; Google search ads generated over 120,000 impressions and 1,300 clicks; and Facebook and Instagram ads generated over 981,000 impressions and 500 clicks. Despite platform hurdles, this campaign has outperformed other health campaigns, generating more active engagement due to its creative visuals.

Respiratory Illness Seasonal Digital Campaign banner
Respiratory Illness Seasonal Digital Campaign banner


  • Creative Team Lead: Jose Fernandez
  • Communications Support: Alysha Archibald, Mirza Baig, Charith Fonseka, Jason Ritchie