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RBCx Brand Evolution

RBCx business cards


Toronto, ON

RBCx supports tech startups with cutting-edge, dynamic and forward-thinking solutions, but that was not reflected in the previous design language. RBCx connects people, ideas and opportunities, so its visual identity needed to reflect that to inspire its team and clients to do better every single day. RBCx worked efficiently with more than 50 stakeholders to ensure the brand evolved in a direction that centred around people and content—removing decorative elements and “fluff” in favour of saturating the brand with very clear intent and purpose. The goal was to foster a set of brand values strong enough that the content could speak for itself, yet keep the structured use of brand elements where the brand identity needed emphasis. The refresh resulted in an increase in overall web traffic by 11% with a 1% increase in weekly/monthly active users, while the revitalized blog received a 20% increase in engagement. Even though the content was the same, the improved user experience increased Marketplace sessions by 83%, including a 60% increase in prospective clients who were interested in becoming RBCx clients.

RBCx brand evolution
preview of RBCx brand guidelines


  • Head of CX and Design: Hector Crespo
  • Creative Director: Wai Yuan
  • Senior Visual Designer: Robbie Queton
  • Visual Designer: Steph Truong
  • Visual Designer: Lydia Gallienne
  • Director, Digital Product Design: James Lynch
  • Product Designer: Rene Dai
  • Senior Copy Editor: Danielle Leonard
  • Program Manager: Jen-Chi Lee
  • Project Manager: Mark Ocampo
  • Project & Resourcing Manager: Joy Huang