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Purpose Advisor Solutions Rebrand

Purpose Advisor Solutions Rebrand website shown on laptop, desktop and tablet formats

Purpose Investments

Toronto, ON

Advisor Solutions by Purpose’s rebrand aimed to establish the firm as an industry leader that empowers Canadian financial advisors on their journey to independence. The brand strategy centered around a brand persona: a seasoned mountain guide, embodying empowerment and authenticity. Every visual element was to echo this persona. The icon design merged a mountain peak, compass and letter “A.” A new colour palette was inspired by nature, and a distinctive graphic language was informed by the topographic lines. The success of the rebranding was attributed to a compelling narrative that unified the brand and distinguished it from its competitors. This narrative was seamlessly integrated into the redesigned website, resulting in a 225% surge in traffic and over a 75% increase in inbound leads, indicating improved engagement and conversion rates. The rebrand helped give the company a strong voice that echoes through each client touchpoint.

Purpose Advisor Solutions Rebrand stationery applications and merchandise


  • Chief Customer Experience Officer: Matt Coyle
  • Creative Director: Malika Soin
  • Content Manager: Vanessa Fiorido
  • Marketing Director: Isha Soni
  • Senior UI/UX Designer: Morgan Fiddes-Waldon