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Own Your Spring Campaign

Joe Fresh Own Your Own Spring campaign promotional graphics

Joe Fresh

Toronto, ON

After a lengthy winter season, the arrival of Own Your Spring heralded a surge of creativity and self-expression, serving as a delightful reminder of the world’s boundless possibilities. The “Own Your Spring” campaign is a celebration of the vibrant spirit and unique style of our youth. This generation is rewriting the fashion rule book, leading a cultural revolution that prizes authentic self-expression above all else. It was crucial to balance this campaign, which focuses on Gen Z and young millennials, with Joe Fresh’s existing customer base to maintain brand loyalty and inclusivity. In this campaign, the team carefully integrated the core Joe Fresh branding, utilizing consistent graphic elements and photography styles while injecting freshness and pushing boundaries to strike a balance between an updated and established brand identity. To effectively target their audience, they strategically employed film photography, camcorders and other nostalgic production elements from the 90s. These choices not only resonated with the new demographic, but also created a sense of authenticity and connection. As a result, the campaign deeply resonated with Canadians, earning recognition and appreciation from Joe Fresh’s loyal customer base.

Own Your Spring Campaign promo shown in Joe Fresh website
Joe Fresh promotional posters


  • Creative Director: Colleen Henman
  • Art Direction: Talle Tian
  • Design & Art Direction: Katya Romanova
  • Junior Art Director: Abbey Chong
  • Copywriters: Shadi Bozorg, Caitlin Agnew
  • Project Managers: Julia Johnston, Caylen Walker
  • Social Media: Elisa Loschiavo
  • External Suppliers Photographer: Jack O'Connor
  • Videographer: Steph Verschuren
  • Stylist: Olivia Leblanc
  • Makeup: Grace Lee
  • Hair: Kristjan Hayden