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OceanMD Brand Refresh

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Toronto, ON

In 2022, OceanMD made the strategic decision to rename the company from CognisantMD to OceanMD, which spurred a rebrand. The company’s software, called Ocean, had become a household name in clinics and hospitals, and the team wanted to leverage this brand equity while reducing confusion among users unfamiliar with the business name. To tackle this large project in-house, a robust brand design system was developed in Figma. Typically reserved for product design, this shift allowed the team to rapidly develop cohesive creative, while providing the flexibility to iterate on multiple assets. The rebrand was a complete success. Since early 2023, OceanMD’s newsletter has achieved its highest open and click-through rates of all time, social followers have doubled and their websites are seeing lower bounce rates and longer engagement. The rebrand has not only met its intended goals, but it also reinvigorated the OceanMD team’s pride in working for one of Canada’s most innovative, home- grown healthcare companies.

OceanMD promotional posters
OceanMD standing booth


  • VP & Chief Operating Officer: Victoria Badgley
  • Marketing Director: Frank Butty
  • Creative Lead: Kamilah Carter
  • Graphic Designer: Rahul Bagdai
  • Marketing Manager: Melissa Lee