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Mydoh Branding


Toronto, ON

Mydoh has changed the way parents and kids deal with money and finance. So, it only makes sense that such a disruptive product has an equally disruptive brand design. The goal was to break from the stale, muted look and feel of traditional financial products and create a vibrant brand that was dynamic and accepting of everyone—a brand that makes finance fun. Mydoh needed a big, loud and energetic look and feel that was fun enough to appeal to kids, but sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to appeal to parents. The revised messaging and visual language captured audiences and made learning appealing—something that’s difficult for typical banks to achieve. Mydoh’s bold new design system resonated with Canadian parents and their kids, and led to an increase in daily acquisitions by a whopping 176%, garnered 23.8MM earned impressions, and now 1 in 4 Canadian parents know about Mydoh and are helping to achieve Mydoh’s goal of completely transforming young people’s relationship with money.

Mydoh horizontal and stacked logomark

Judge’s Pick

Nicola Barnard, Creative Direction Manager at Laura Canada, Montreal, QC

“This team has really come through with stunning branding. The result is a well-designed product geared towards both teenagers and their parents’ generation. Successful combinations of pop colours and bold typography make for very compelling and eye-catching designs. I love how this brand is loud and energetic, but also has a very simple way of organizing and communicating the technical aspects of the product. The logo is well-balanced with strong typography, and very recognizable when viewed quickly online or on social media. The colours are bright and playful, but still manage to balance well when used in layouts. The illustrations have a handmade-style and are appropriate for the younger generations to understand. The one-liners used for the paid social ads are witty and get the attention of parents. This is my top pick due to all these components coming together to evoke such a fun and attractive design.”

Mydoh creative assets, including promotional billboards and posters


  • Head of CX & Design: Hector Crespo
  • Creative Director: Lionel Wong
  • Senior Art Director: Tadeu Toussaint
  • Senior Visual Designer: Peter Lee
  • Senior Visual Designer: Angela Milana
  • Senior Copywriter: Dermot O’Brien