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Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 Identity

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 logo

Magnet Forensics

Waterloo, ON

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 aimed to broaden the Magnet Forensics annual summit into a thought leadership event for digital forensics experts, focusing on attracting new leads and increasing registration. The design team crafted a visually captivating online brand incorporating elements from previous summits and the Magnet Forensics corporate brand, drawing inspiration from outer space to symbolize data’s vastness. Challenges included managing a large volume of digital assets and maintaining brand recognition while evolving the summit’s identity, which were overcome by developing a robust design system and conducting thorough research. The project achieved significant success, with a 56% increase in session registrations, totalling 40,262 sessions and 6,701 unique registrants. It generated 1,174 sales opportunities, resulting in a closed-won sales value of $683,217, with an open pipeline of $5,521,572. These outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the redesigned summit in attracting leads and establishing Magnet Forensics as a digital forensics thought leader.

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 Identity Guidelines preview, including colour palette, logo, graphic elements and typography
Magnet Virtual Summit 2024 social media post


  • Director, Brand & Creative: Yves Lepage
  • Graphic Designer: Melissa Neves
  • Graphic Designer: Amy Eaton