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Lunar New Year Red Envelope Packaging

Lunar New Year Envelopes

Canada Goose

Toronto, ON

Canada Goose’s Lunar New Year Red Envelope Packaging is a sustainable red envelope set given as a special gift to consumers, embodying the spirit of Canadian warmth during this festive season. Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese wooden window frames, the red envelopes showcase intricate embossing, depicting elements of nature such as water, air, sky and earth. Symbolizing the nurturing essence of the earth elements and the quest for harmony in the new year, the design brings together all aspects of life. The packaging design reflects a commitment to sustainability, utilizing 100% recyclable materials. The box structure and envelope close are engineered with an interlocking system, eliminating the need for any adhesive application. This innovative approach not only reduces waste, but also underscores a dedication to environmental responsivity. The red envelope packaging initiative was highly successful, both in retail spaces and on social media. Customers valued the red envelope set as a special gift, enhancing their retail experience. On social media, engagement was high, with consumers eagerly participating in draws to win the limited set. Additionally, the design’s adaptation and launch across all regions, including North America, EMEA, APAC, and Mainland China, further solidified its success.

Lunar New Year Red Envelope Packaging box
Lunar New Year Envelopes


  • Canada Goose’s Production Team
  • Canada Goose’s Brand Creative Team