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Life at Cactus: Internal Social Channel

Life at Cactus logo mark

Cactus Club Cafe

Vancouver, BC

Life at Cactus was relaunched as the hub for all things Cactus culture. Key objectives were to create a cohesive design to engage their internal audience while reflecting Cactus’ core values and unique cultural identity. Organic design and human elements such as irregular shapes, soft curves and a brushstroke font were incorporated to separate Life at Cactus from Cactus Club Cafe, and to act as a visual representation of Bleed Green: the “off-menu value” that describes the team’s pride and passion for everything they do. The colour palette includes bright yellow and green for a positive, uplifting and unifying effect; followers can instantly identify a Life at Cactus post thanks to these signature hues. Copy works in harmony with the design to reflect the celebratory character of Life at Cactus, where optimistic language and taglines are used to reinforce the brand and culture. With this new identity, the account’s following increased by 30% in the first year and garnered an engagement rate of over 200%. Life at Cactus has grown to become a main source of internal communication, and its signature design elements have been adopted for all internal branding, including hiring campaigns, conferences and celebrations.

Life at Cactus branding elements, including primary identity against dark and light backgrounds, typography, colour palette, patterns and photography treatments
Life at Cactus social media strategy preview


  • Senior Director, Brand + Creative: Ryan Roddy
  • Creative Director: Bev Turner
  • Design Lead: Ronnie Mejia
  • Designers: Meabh Silke, Steph McDonell
  • Copywriter: Katrina Riccio, Katharine Moore
  • Social Media Specialist: Joanna Chu