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LemayMichaud Brand Image

Lemay Michaud primary identity


Montreal, QC

LemayMichaud’s new brand image aims to reflect its evolution and reaffirm its position as a leader in the world of architecture and design. Created by the in-house graphic design team, the redesign offers a visual environment with impact, clarity, balance and timelessness through the legibility of the name and the addition of a meaningful symbol. The logo combines both of the founders’ names to reflect unity, collaboration, complicity and transdisciplinarity, all the while referring to the company’s 43-year history and reputation. The symbol is a monogram that unites the L and the M, creating a play of form and counter-form. In turn, its abstract composition evokes the inseparable amalgam of architecture and design, disciplines that have been intimately linked since the founding of the firm. Timeless and accurate in its expression, the brand image conveys LemayMichaud’s values of humanism, integrity, rigor and innovation. Readability is enhanced by the interplay of capitals and lowercases, providing a visual break and recognition of the two words to the reader. The abstract symbol adds impact, catching attention while evoking the company’s fields of expertise.

Lemay Michaud brand stationery applications

Judge’s Pick

Ryan Romero, Creative Director at Saje, Vancouver, BC

“Simple but conveys a lot of impact while carrying out the brand’s position and relevance in the architecture world.”

Lemay Michaud open brochure spread

Judge’s Pick

Peter C. Wong RGD

“The LemayMichaud brand is a combination of design thinking and simplicity at its finest to create a timeless brand identity that leaves a lasting impression. The L and M letterforms are instantly recognizable, with the clever use of architecture motifs as the negative space of the M while also indicating the industry of the company that it represents. The application of the logo on various mediums is also tastefully done while accentuating the sophisticated feel of the brand. The supporting video showing the evolution of the brand is another example of masterful simplicity in motion form, as it clearly articulates the company’s history and how it has evolved. I believe this project is a perfect example of how design helps to elevate and create a distinctive brand.”

Lemay Michaud tote bag laying on the ground


  • Design Direction: Etienne Savaria
  • Design: Benjamin Lamy, Maryne Bélanger
  • Direction: Marie-Christine Baillargeon, Louise Dupont, Annie-Claude Gilbert