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King Taps Brand Identity

King Taps Stacked Wordmark in black over colour background

Cactus Club Cafe

Vancouver, BC

King Taps required a unique brand identity to reflect a fun, casual vibe and stand apart from other restaurants in the company portfolio. With unique locations in Toronto’s financial district and Kelowna’s downtown waterfront, the goal was a concept that fit these different markets while keeping future developments in mind. An approachable and cohesive brand toolkit was used across digital and print collateral to represent King Taps’ relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by architectural elements from their restaurants, the team created abstract patterns that helped to distinguish King Taps from competitors. Campaigns throughout the year show the flexibility of the brand identity, where energetic animations, playful graphics, craveable food and drink photography and seasonal palettes are used to fit the specific promotion. Bold, expressive designs have helped King Taps become a recognizable brand that other creatives are eager to work with; the location has attracted partnerships with NFL Canada, Pink Whitney and local breweries, hosting events and giveaways that amplify awareness by leveraging the audiences of these well-known brands. These events and the King Taps brand identity continue to draw new fans, with their Instagram following growing 12% over the past year.

King Taps primary brand identity guidelines
On the left, King Taps applications mockups including menus, signage, and coasters. On the right, food photography.


  • Senior Director, Brand + Creative: Ryan Roddy
  • Creative Director: Bev Turner
  • Brand Director: Nicki Licas
  • Brand Specialist: Tess McLaughlin
  • Design Lead: Ronnie Mejia
  • Designer: Meabh Silke, Lisa Wick
  • Freelance Photography: Jen Ng
  • Copywriter: Katharine Moore