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Jaunt Wellness Brand Identity

Jaunt Wellness pins

CAA South Central Ontario

Thornhill, ON

CCG Club Group’s recent survey showed a need for greater recognition among employees and stakeholders across all subsidiaries regarding internal wellness initiatives. To create the new wellness branding, the team collaborated with the client to refine the values and emotions they aimed to evoke among employees. After months of research, refinement and dialogue, the name Jaunt Wellness and its logo were decided on to symbolize an individual’s journey toward personal growth. The logo uses select design elements and colours inspired by CCG and its sub-brands to create cohesion. The branding initiative included the development of the Jaunt Wellness App, which supports employees on their wellness journey by empowering them to set personalized health and fitness goals, track their progress and participate in challenges with colleagues. This initiative resulted in significant outcomes, with increased awareness and engagement in the wellness program, demonstrated by consistent month-over-month growth in app registrations. The branding also brought together comprehensive wellness initiatives and reinforced CCG’s commitment to supporting employees throughout their wellness journey. Overall, the Jaunt Wellness program and branding have been highly effective in promoting employee wellness and creating a sense of community across all of CCG Club Group’s subsidiaries.

Jaunt Wellness billboard mockup
Jaunt Wellness mobile app mockup


  • Art Director & Graphic Designer: Albert Pasceri
  • Creative Director: Brent Closs