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Hubbl Diagnostics Visual Identity

Hubbl Diagnostics

Port Coquitlam, BC

Hubbl Diagnostics is a software product born from the mission to revolutionize Salesforce optimization and empower customers by providing unparalleled, actionable insights of their technology. The Hubbl brand identity needed to be intelligent, innovative and playful, establishing its new presence as a powerful tech solution backed by smart, helpful and community-driven humans. The brand strategy served as an anchor, defining the brand essence as “Holistic Empowerment” and the personality archetype as “Coach.” The versatile visual identity successfully sets Hubbl Diagnostics apart in the tech industry, with a rebellious serif display font, warm colour palette, constellation-esque illustrations and a thoughtful, recognizable logo. Hubbl Diagnostics’ success is evident in its community engagement. At industry events, Hubbl’s astronaut mascot, Hubba Bubba gum, and witty stickers have a cult following, starting conversation and drawing crowds. Consistently aligning with the brand strategy enabled the team to create engaging campaigns such as the annual Benchmark Report, educational email content and insightful thought leadership. The results boast impressive metrics, including 1k+ LinkedIn followers in the first year, above-average email campaign performance and a 4.9/5 rating from customer reviews on G2.

Hubbl Diagnostics digital assets

Judge’s Pick

Dominique Barnes, Senior Art Director of Brand, Crocs, Broomfield, CO, USA

“Excellent work! It can be tricky to make a super data-centric, software tool seem friendly and accessible, but this team did that and then some. The visual identity is honed in and clear. The primary use of a concise colour palette helps with identification, and the typography variety allows space for fun, especially in a brand that heavily utilizes text and numbers. Creatively, the use of the astronaut character was genius. The team created a fun identifier, who feels a little outside the clean-cut brand, but fits the theme. I can see why the astronaut character was a hit! Strategically, this branding allows for so many usages; very well done!”

Hubby Diagnostics loyalty card and graphic assets


  • Brand & Design Manager, Principal Designer: Alexis Shuffler
  • Executive Creative Director: Ken McCarty
  • Director, Creative Services: Gae Wakabayashi
  • Senior Manager, Marketing + Communications: Carlie Welsh
  • VP of Portfolio Marketing: Kevin Murray