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First-of-its-kind Canada Life My Par Gift Launch

Canada Life My Par Gift presentation slides templates

Canada Life

London, ON

Canada Life My Par Gift is a first-of-its-kind participating life insurance product for donors, designed for charitable giving. The objective was to intrigue and educate advisors, wholesalers, high-net-worth donors and charitable organizations of this “simple product, big impact” opportunity to make donation dollars go further from day one. The aesthetic seamlessly blends the Canada Life high-net-worth brand with a pre-established charitable giving look-and-feel, enhancing its appeal to affluent audiences. With a sophisticated visual approach featuring tone-on-tone illustrations, full flooded backgrounds and icons with lifeline detail, the campaign exudes simplicity and elegance yet possesses a sense of intrigue and progression. The strategic use of white space, refined typography and intentional alignment ensures a visually compelling and easily digestible campaign while maintaining accessibility features. The success of the launch speaks volumes, with overwhelming positive feedback and notable achievements in marketing goals. After featuring My Par Gift at the annual Canada Life Insurance Live! event, 87% expressed increased interest in selling Canada Life participating life insurance.

Canada Life My Par Gift Flyers

Judge’s Pick

Pamela Hilborn, SVP, Global Head of Design & Digital Product at Scotiabank, Toronto, ON

“This was a very beautifully executed design system that clearly ties back to the Canada Life brand. Really consistent and emotionally appealing use of typography and iconography across web and print. Well done!”

Canada Life My Par Gift double-spread print ad


  • Graphic Design Lead: Janet McGlynn
  • Supporting Graphic Design: Matt Teeter, Reina Song
  • Creative Direction: Sabrina Young RGD
  • Communications: Nneka Obiano
  • Marketing: Kyle Rea, Jordan Townshend, Amy Aucoin, Candace MaGuire