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Environmental Health and Safety Posters

Dalhousie University

Halifax, NS

Safety warnings are important, but it’s easy for them to blend into the scenery and be ignored. The goal for this poster series was to not only communicate important safety messages, but also to add a small “quirk,” be it a headline or illustration, to make it more memorable. The biggest challenge was developing headlines and illustrations that weren’t so whimsical that they would not be taken seriously, but not too dry to be ignored altogether. The black text on yellow background is evocative of traditional caution signs, communicating the seriousness of the subject, while the witty copywriting and bespoke symbols make the content both digestible and informative. The posters proved to be a success, with Environmental Health and Safety asking for another series of posters to be developed for the next year.


  • Designer: Christin Roper
  • Writer: Stefanie Wilson