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Employee Onboarding Interactive Booklet

JLL Employee Onboarding Interactive Booklet front cover and inside double spread

Jones Lang & LaSalle (JLL) Canada

Toronto, ON

The JLL Onboarding Employee Interactive Booklet was part of a global rebranding initiative, requiring the updating of onboarding materials to align with the new brand. The goal of this project was to streamline and expedite the onboarding journey for new hires, providing them with swift access to essential resources needed to start their work at JLL. To enhance the user experience, an easy-to-follow guide with a visually appealing design was created. Despite its low priority due to non-revenue generation, the project successfully met corporate deadlines through careful time and resource management by the designers. Their dedication and collaboration contributed to the project’s success. The resulting Onboarding Employee Interactive Booklet significantly reduces training time for marketing team new hires by offering them a comprehensive resource. This guide not only leads new employees through the onboarding process, but also equips them with essential resources and contact information. Utilizing the booklet enables new hires to quickly adapt to their roles and excel at their jobs. Positive reviews and feedback have prompted HR to consider developing similar versions for other business lines within JLL.

JLL Employee Onboarding Interactive Booklet inside double spread mockup
JLL Employee Onboarding Interactive Booklet inside double spread mockup


  • Senior Graphic Designer: Karina Scramosin
  • Graphic Designer: Karen Castellanos
  • Art Director: Andrew Strang