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Electrification Campaign

Deloitte Canada

Toronto, ON

Deloitte Canada’s Climate and Sustainability team wanted to get their clients switched on to the benefits of electrification as Canada moves ahead with its net-zero goals. Electrification is more than LED lightbulbs—it can power virtually everything, and this new technology is ushering in a brighter future for many industries. Tight timelines and a tight budget were the challenges the in-house team faced, but creative freedom and client trust allowed the campaign to come to life in a seamless, realized way. Strong engagement in its first month led to 1.7M in lead generation. The spot and static social campaign showed how electrification can impact many businesses and how they themselves can flip the switch and fast track their journies to clean energy.

Deloitte's Electrification Campaign social media and design assets

Judge’s Pick

Kevin Hawkins, Head of Design & Research at Amenitiz, Barcelona, Spain

“This project has a simple yet powerful message, bold colour and lovely references to LED and Neon while discussing energy use/waste and electrification. It is powerful yet concise storytelling.”

Deloitte's Electrification Campaign Social Media


  • Head of Agency: Deborah Peterson
  • Creative Director: Monique Ah-Sue
  • Art Director: Kevin Calaguiro
  • Producer: Kevan Byrne
  • Copywriter: Andy Gale
  • Animator: Yoho Yue (freelance)
  • Sound Design: Pete Yake (freelance)