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Coactuate Rebrand

Coactuate rebrand guidelines preview


Toronto, ON

Rebranding Coactuate is a case study of how an in-house design team rebranded a management consultancy firm to reflect its growth and capabilities. The design team used strategic and design-thinking methodologies to craft a foundational brand story and a visual language that was applied in a website, presentation templates and a library of photo illustrations and icons. This library integrated line art overlays on stock images to create bespoke graphics that captured the creative flair that Coactuate demonstrates with clients. The rebranding process resulted in a stronger and more coherent brand identity that resonated with the company’s evolution and its audience. The project also boosted the confidence and effectiveness of the leadership and staff in representing Coactuate to clients and potential hires. The project also helped to deepen core client relationships, open new opportunities and strengthen the company’s presence at hiring events.

Coactuate rebranded website preview
coactuate rebrand imagery


  • Art Director: Kyle Schruder RGD
  • Design Lead: Wynn Yau
  • Designer: Danielle Belliveau