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Cambrian College Rebranding

Cambrian College Rebranded Identity

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Sudbury, ON

Cambrian College’s rebrand was undertaken to modernize the visual identity and brand system for a digital landscape, to reflect the college’s approachable and supportive culture and to connect effectively with prospective students and other key audiences locally, nationally and globally. The icon consists of two twisting shields that represent innovation and new perspectives that come with education. The flame symbolizes enlightenment and includes an element from the previous logo. The icon is built on a grid and is scalable across digital and print applications; it’s paired with a modern humanist, sans-serif typeface that supports various alphabets. Burgundy and gold remain the signature brand colours to maintain consistency within the evolution of the brand. Just launched in January 2024, the brand was warmly embraced among stakeholders and received positive media attention nationally. Originally slated for outsourcing, the project was brought in-house and features the work of designers who are Cambrian alumni, which highlights the strength of Cambrian’s graphic design program. As the brand rollout continues, challenges experienced with the previous brand have been solved, and the college is well positioned in the market for future growth.

Cambrian College Rebrand Digital Guidelines

Judge’s Pick

Cole Nicks RGD, Senior Designer at BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, BC

“I selected this project as my Judge’s Pick because it skilfully combines creativity with depth. The design cleverly references the dragon as a symbol, connecting it with the brand’s heritage through the use of flame imagery. Additionally, the candle symbolism adds layers of meaning, invoking ideas of knowledge and enlightenment. What makes this entry stand out is its simplicity and timeless appeal. Among all the submissions reviewed, this creative stood out for its ability to captivate with its impactful yet straightforward design. It’s a great example of how creativity can be used effectively in visual communication, showcasing the power of thoughtful symbolism and minimalist design to convey a rich narrative in a visually striking manner.”

Cambrian College bus stop billboard photographed at night time


  • Marketing Manager: Kerri Jokinen
  • Graphic Design: Amy Richard, Matthew Lehtelä
  • Marketing Officer: Jessica Davidson
  • Photographer: Tennille Heinonen
  • Digital Support for Brand Guidelines Website: Studio123