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B.E.N. (Black Employees Network) Visual Identity

B.E.N. (Black Employees Network) Primary Identity over a photo background

Made by Emblem

Toronto, ON

The Black Employee Network (BEN) initiative from Mediabrands Canada was established in 2020 to address the lack of diversity within the media industry. BEN’s approach included future-looking outreach, advocating for internal talent and promoting workplace change through education. The initiative required an identity that maintained cultural and professional integrity by reflecting the nuance, sophistication and talent of Black employees. To this end, all commonly used tropes related to Black culture, such as pan-African colours, fists and silhouettes of Africa, were avoided in the spirit of BEN’s quest for improved work culture. The logo is an original symbol combining corporate iconography around networking with Kwanzaa symbols for unity, collective work and responsibility. The colour palette similarly combines professionalism (blue) and Blackness (brown skin tones) to create a unique and dramatic image treatment that helps to maintain brand consistency. The program quickly gained notice globally, as well as positive feedback from stakeholders locally. Since its launch, BEN’s visual identity has been proudly shared countless times with not only the community, but also by partners, outreach groups and with global Mediabrands network, to great acclaim.

B.E.N. (Black Employees Network) Visual Identity guidelines book preview
B.E.N. (Black Employees Network) website landing page shown on a laptop


  • Design & Direction: Joshua Duchesne