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Andy Warhol Exhibit

title text that reads "Andy Warhol"

Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto, ON

This major exhibition positions Warhol’s expanded artistic practice against the backdrop of pressing contemporary social issues. It reveals how he captivated and polarized people with his personality, and his art both reflected and shaped the profound shifts that occurred across the globe during the late twentieth century. The creative is inspired by the intense bright colours of much of his work, but he also used a softer pastel range, ironically for disturbing subjects. The vibrational effect of the type simulates the silk-screening process with its overlapping and off register images. The wordmark is strong but floaty, vibrational, effervescent and a little bit shimmery, with the font being sharp and smooth. When the titling is on yellow, all you see are the edges, communicating Warhol’s duality: he wanted to feel beautiful and celebrate aesthetics, while also wanting to be somewhat invisible, as he felt like an outsider despite his fame. The exhibition was delayed due to COVID, but the breadth of the show inspired the audience to visit, experience his work and learn more about Warhol.

Andy Warhol Exhibit banners displayed inside the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto
Digital variations of the Andy Warhol Exhibit banners


  • Graphic Design and Art Direction: Marilyn Bouma 
  • Designer: Jim Bourke 
  • Curator: Kenneth Brummel 
  • Project Manager: Kristyn Rolanty 
  • Interpretive Planner: Gillian McIntyre 
  • Project Coordinators & Production: Malene Hjorngaard, Evelyn Quinn