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2023 Annual Review & Energy Report

printed copy of Bruce Power Annual Review and Energy Report

Bruce Power

Tiverton, ON

The 2023 Bruce Power Annual Review and Energy Report captures Bruce Power’s journey towards a clean energy future, showcasing accomplishments, achievements and partnerships throughout the year. The design of this year’s publication included a typographic linen slipcase with a blind debossed title, which when removed, reveals a soft touch, hardcover book with UV coating. Design choices were meticulously chosen to embody Bruce Power’s year-long journey, utilizing a graphical line to symbolize pathways, bold text for emphasis and pops of vibrant yellow to create an electrifying, futuristic feel. Documentary-style photography was art directed to showcase the company’s workforce and environment, reinforcing the brand identity, while data visualization was redesigned for clarity and accessibility. The report’s success led to a broader implementation of the design across various mediums. Its availability on digital platforms ensured accessibility, while its interactive elements enhanced user engagement and understanding. Through content focus, engagement strategies and responsible design practices, the report achieves its goal of leaving a lasting impression, reflecting Bruce Power’s commitment to innovation, progress and a sustainable future.

Bruce Power Annual Review and Energy Report open double spread
Bruce Power Annual Review and Energy Report multiple open spreads


  • Graphic Designers: Erin Grandmaison RGD, Jessica Hillis
  • Photography: Francis Lozada, Riley Snelling, Hilary Camilleri
  • Writers: Tim Mckay, Kate Bagshaw, Megan Adams
  • Printer: Flash Reproductions