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National Awards of Excellence

Three cans of Folk Ales beer alongside a six-pack packaging box

52 Pick-up Award for Typography (Print)

Winner: The Folk Ales Beer Series by Liam Kennedy Student RGD in Surrey (Institution: Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

"The typography and illustrations marry well for this project in a clean and sophisticated manner. I really enjoyed the execution of the “Folkhouse” wordmark on the packaging as the letterforms are built within the illustration in a seamless fashion. The dancing letterforms for each beer name also makes a nice visual metaphor for celebrating good times with a cheers. I would definitely buy this beer if I saw it in store."

— Nik Firka RGD, Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer at Ryerson University, Toronto

The branding for Folkhouse Brewing Cooperative, a fictitious brewpub, is derived from BC’s folk music culture. The Folk Ales are based on some of the wackiest characters in BC’s folk songs from mid-1800s to early 1900s. The quirky brand voice and illustration style tells a local community story and can be evolved with the brand.

Educator Support: John Belisle, David Younge

Honourable Mentions

  • Pop-Up Type Museum 2019: Type...Revealed! by Triet Pham, Wan-Ya (Megan) Chen and Sahil Mroke, Emily Carr University, Vancouver
  • Left Coast Brewery by Sydney Toews, Capilano University, North Vancouver
  • SOLOBACE Brand Design & Strategy by Aby Abraham Provisional RGD, George Brown College, Toronto
A face outlined digitally by text characters

Bell Media Award for Typography (Digital)

Winner: 2face by Jan Ly Student RGD in Toronto/Oakville (Institution: York University/Sheridan College)

"Beautiful effects. Intriguing. Good mastering of the animation." 

— Nathalie Cusson, Creative Director, Design at Juniper Park/TBWA, Montreal

By using facial recognition imagery, digital identifiers and tracked movements on a map, this video paints an image of a disembodied person through the eyes of data surveillance. The typography and motion graphics are tied together to illustrate the topic with a sense of rigidity and fluidity at the same time. The soundtrack is by Ryoji Ikeda.

Honourable Mentions

  • Historia by Andrew Del Rizzo Student RGD, Jasper Tu, Kiran Patel Student RGD, Paco Lui, York University, Toronto
  • Left Coast Brewery by Sydney Toews, Capilano University, North Vancouver
  • A Medium Platform by Deborah Khodanovich Provisional RGD, OCAD University, Toronto
On the right, three (3) mobile screens showing a preview of the Muse app. On the left, a mobile screen layed over a photo of the ocean

Forge Media + Design Award for Story-telling

Winner: Muse by Brynn Staples Provisional RGD in North Vancouver (Institution: Capilano University)

"Innovative way to raise awareness of Canada’s history of colonialization through use of technology. Expressive storytelling through a seamless app experience." 

— Meg Lynch RGD, Design Director at Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Through interactive design, this project aims to help Canadians better acknowledge the Indigenous land and stories around us, to engage in reconciliation on an individual level while fostering dialogue and connection. The app brings learning to life through augmented reality and location data, highlighting Indigenous artifacts at the user’s location to create teaching moments outside of a traditional museum setting.

Honourable Mentions

  • Lightfarm by Ata Dogan, Peter Lu, Tibi Leonov, William Lu, Sukhraj Johal, Sheridan College, Oakville
  • Ghost by Hillary Chen Provisional RGD, York University, Toronto
  • Cree Star Blanket App by Coralie Mayer-Traynor Student RGD, Capilano University, North Vancouver
front and back sides of the Standard garment label

Gravity Inc. Award for Social Good Design

Winner: Standard by Madison Dumas Provisional RGD in Toronto/Oakville (Institution: York University/Sheridan College)

"This is a nice system that allows for ample flexibility across multiple applications. I like how the logo elements are used in multiple ways to create an identity that is consistent without being redundant."

 Don Cleland, Brand Director & Co-Founder at Pendo, Vancouver

To counter the false sustainability claims in the fashion industry, this project introduces the concept of a distinctive ‘Standard’ garment label that provides credibility to truly responsible fashion brands and aims to increase consumer confidence.

Educator Support: Renee Alleyn

Honourable Mentions

  • The Runaways: Residential School Booklet by Liam Kennedy Student RGD, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey
  • Lightfarm by Ata Dogan, Peter Lu, Tibi Leonov, William Lu, Sukhraj Johal, Sheridan College, Oakville
  • Know Vaping Mobile Website by Cameron Giles Provisional RGD, Vancouver Island University, Vancouver
The Vineon Guide full spread flat plan

Haft2 Award of Colour

Winner: Vineon Guide by Silvia Cordero Provisional RGD in Toronto (Institution: George Brown College)

"I like the idea of using symbols this wine guide. The colours and shapes have a nice modernist inspired look that convey the a nice look through out the piece. I like the simple use of typography and layout, pacing out well from spread to spread."

— Mike Kwan RGD, Design Director atHaft2, Toronto

Locally produced wine amounts to only 11% of total wine sales in Ontario. Vineon is a wine guide and kit created to encourage residents of Ontario to purchase locally produced wine. The concept of Vineon revolves around the type of grapes grown in Ontario and their tasting notes. The size, shape, taste and smell each together determine the quality of the grapes and the guide explains this to the reader in a simple yet dynamic manner.

Honourable Mentions

  • Mountain Dew: Flavors by Atrin Yazdani-Biuki Student RGD, Capilano University, North Vancouver
  • BonBonne Nuit by Ka Wai (Rae) Tsun, LaSalle College Vancouver, Vancouver
  • Homesick Concert Series by Nicole Shewchuk, Capilano University, North Vancouver
Publication front cover. The title reads "211 Years Served. Guilty of Murder. 10 Cases Closed in the United States of America"

Premise Award for Strategic Design

Winner: An editorial experience; taking a look at systemic racism by Jessica Lau Provisional RGD in Toronto/Oakville (Institution: York University/Sheridan College)

"I like the restraint of the design. Very high impact on the concept of this piece."

— Kevin Hoch RGD, Principal & Creative Director at Premise Design Communications, Toronto

This book explores systemic racial discrimination through cases sourced from the National Registry of Exonerations. The project presents an empathic experience of the years lost by individuals who were convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

Educator Support: David Cabianca

Honourable Mentions

  • Table Talk App by Emily Huynh, Capilano University, North Vancouver
  • Vineon/Wine Bottles by Silvia Cordero Provisional RGD, George Brown College, Toronto
  • Give reefs a chance by Emily Gilmore, OCAD University, Toronto
Outdoor promotional Traffic Jams billboard

Quake Award for Creative Innovation

Winner: Traffic Jams by Samantha Beauchamp + David Ratcliffe in Toronto (Institution: Humber College)

"The concept is playful and evokes curiosity. Design is clean, smart and aligns with partner brands. Well researched and executed. An insightful application of design thinking, effectively achieving the goals of the project both in interest and context." 

— Chrystale Thompson, Principal & Creative Director at Ecstatic, Vancouver

To encourage people to switch from listening to radio to Spotify in their cars, Traffic Jams. Users upload videos on Tik Tok of themselves singing in the car with Spotify for a chance to win cash and a record deal. The out-of-home billboards double as distance indicators and tell the viewers that they are a certain song away from their destination encouraging them to keep signing and listening. Aspects of the project not designed by the entrant: Spotify logo, Tik Tok logo, Typefaces, stock photography.

Educator Support: Liz Dempster, Richard Bingham

Honourable Mentions

  • Wanderwall by Brynn Staples Provisional RGD, Capilano University, North Vancouver
  • Miimi by Jan Ly Student RGD, Kiran Patel, Paco Lui, Yasmin Mukino, York University, Toronto
  • Greener by Aashi Richhariya, Centennial College, Toronto
Laptop showing The Well's website landing page, and a mobile device showing a preview of the app. The Well
Three (3) mobile devices showing previews of the Lrrrics App. Lrrrics

Quarry Award for UX Design

Winners: Jasmine Acebes & Cheston Sin Provisional RGD (TIE)

The Well by Jasmine Acebes in Toronto/Oakville (Institution: York University/Sheridan College)

"Truly unique idea. While recipe apps are a plenty, this takes it to the next level. Excellent rationale and research. Great mock-ups and interaction design and a fantastic video. Great job!" 

— Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director at Quarry, St. Jacobs

The Well is a smart coaster that lets users become their own bartenders at home. With the paired app, the coaster is a scale that allows you to pour with ease to ensure that you create perfectly crafted drinks. The final output is a website that showcases the products and explains why it is relevant to up-and-coming mixologists.

Educator Support: Jamie March

Lrrrics – A music app for learning languages by Cheston Sin Provisional RGD in Toronto/Oakville (Institution: York University/Sheridan College)

"What a great idea for an app that I could see being widely used if available. I am happy to see the problem solving and smart layout design behind this project which makes for an easy to understand design despite other languages being used. More colour use could help make this project stand out more." 

— Mélissa Deschênes RGD, Principal Designer at Design de Plume, Sudbury

Lrrrics is a concept app that aims to streamline the process of understanding foreign-language songs, allowing for a smoother language learning experience. By leveraging a language learner's intrinsic interest in music, Lrrrics presents a unique opportunity for users to engage in the language they are learning. While listening to music is often a passive task, Lrrrics offers a robust experience that encourages active listening. While the main target audience is for language learners with an interest in foreign music, it also extends to translators/content creators that can use the platform to engage with other users.

Honourable Mentions

  • YorkU Maps by Anita Zeng, York University, Toronto
  • Cree Star Blanket App by Coralie Mayer-Traynor Student RGD, Capilano University, North Vancouver
Apple Watch on the left, and Mobile Phone on the right. Both showing Ellie's logo over a blue and green gradient background

Zync Award for Concept Development

Winner: Ellie by Danica Koller in North Vancouver (Institution: Capilano University)

"Having come from a clearly personal experience, there is a level of knowledge that has helped this person understand what caregiver's really need and what patients go through on a daily basis. From calming colours to navigation, these have been very well-considered and executed." 

— Pia Nummi, Design Director at Canada Goose, Toronto

Ellie is a multi-device app for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients to track the symptoms and development of the disease. The caregiver can enter all the data and observations into the app to have all the important information on hand.

Educator Support: Leanna Crawford and Mark Stokoe

Honourable Mentions

  • Nimi Minds by Liza Akhmed, OCAD University, Toronto
  • Lightform by Ata Dogan, Peter Lu, Tibi Leonov, William Lu, Sukhraj Johal, Sheridan College, Oakville
  • American Sign Language Promotion Poster by Kylie Woo, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver