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Public Services Health & Safety Association printed annual report laying open on a flat surface

Public Services Health & Safety Association Annual Report by Bold in Toronto, Canada

Judge’s Pick

Typographically-strong and inventive—the presentation takes a traditional labor issue and makes it human, engaging, inviting and even exciting to learn about and participate in. A great example of how design thinking can clarify messages and add value through a careful and considered execution. Great photo portraits personalize the message and additional photos celebrates the workforce. Strong design direction throughout the publication. Simple and clear infographics-enforce messaging. A sophisticated yet highly approachable presentation from start to finish.

—Stephen Hanks RGD

The idea of community is central to the design of this Annual Report. The design communicates PSHSA’s six far-reaching communities with six simple, tall rectangles each with a unique color. Each color denotes a section of the Annual Report allowing the reader to quickly thumb to any section. People photography humanizes the otherwise clean and sparse design. BOLD also designed t-shirts and table centerpieces using the same concept and design. The Annual Report received the Platinum MarCom Award in three categories: Non-profit, Association and Government.

Rowan's Law Campaign brief identity breakdown

Rowan’s Law Campaign: Government Of Ontario by Rethink in Toronto, Canada

Judge’s Pick

This campaign is bold, direct and has the right amount of emotions to drive home awareness around the seriousness of a concussion, its symptoms and treatments. The execution is clean, simple and flexible from showcasing the symptoms in the icon to the subtle visuals and audio sounds in the digital and printed products. These products effectively reached target audiences and the analytics showcase the success and creativity of this campaign.

—Adele Bisaillon

This campaign raises awareness about concussions and promotes Rowan’s Law, a concussion protocol legislation, named after Rowan Stringer, a teenage rugby player, who passed away after sustaining multiple concussions. Rethink worked with Dr. Charles Tator, a renowned neurologist and expert on concussion, to create a brand icon. The icon resembles a stop sign, divided in half to represent the two sides of the human brain. Rethink also created a series of photography based posters showcasing the playing field lines for the three sports played most commonly in Ontario and even released a film. The logo has been adopted by various school boards and leagues. “Rowan’s Law” became the #1searched term on Google Canada with high-profile sports figures, including Ron MacLean, Cassie Campbell and Nick Kypreos tweeting about the campaign.

Three (3) preview of BC Hydro Power Smart for Schools Platform

BC Hydro Power Smart For Schools Platform by Engine Digital in Vancouver, Canada

This free online resource hub has activities and lessons aligned to the B.C. curriculum. Engine Digital designed the platform with limited connection speed in mind while also providing offline assets to accommodate schools with limited resources. During the school year, the platform runs four campaigns: Earth Day, Water Week, Electrical Safety Day and Boost Your Power Smarts. Reminiscent of old school days, Engine Digital also created papercraft models and built-out scenes that reflect the campaign theme: a bee, a sea otter, powerlines, solar panels, Dave (BC Hydro’s mascot), an electric car and a hydro dam. In 2018–2019, teacher participation increased by 142% and school participation grew by 31.8%.

Get Neighbouring brochure shown flat front and back

Get Neighbouring Campaign: Abundant Community Edmonton by Sticks & Stones in Edmonton, Canada

Sticks & Stones was commissioned to design a campaign for Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE), a grassroots initiative of the City of Edmonton that creates a culture of care and connection within neighborhoods. Sticks & Stones developed printed handbills, outdoor and indoor signage for community events, neighborhood installations, social media posts, a custom wordmark, an ad to be placed on sidewalks in participating neighborhoods and a window vinyl allowing homeowners to show their participation in the community and signify that they are willing to help and want to connect. The firm also designed isolated illustration assets that can be used on internal documents and PowerPoint presentations to help visualize acts of neighboring.

Screenshot from the Resilient Richmond Hill Video

Resilient Richmond Hill Video by KRK in Richmond Hill, Canada

As a part of its Resilient Richmond Hill climate change campaign, the City of Richmond Hill released a short video to raise public awareness and encourage participation from residents. The video uses animation and incorporates specific, identifiable landmarks of Richmond Hill. The first part of the video illustrates what climate change is, its causes and the impacts it can have on the community. The second part outlines Resilient RH and the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) ending with a call to action to visit the Resilient RH website. From November 2019 to January 2020, the video led to an increase in unique page-views by 284% as compared to the previous year.