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Awards of Distinction

Lug Tread products and packaging layed diagonally on a flat, dark surface

Lug Tread Packaging Refresh by Beau’s Brewing Co

Judge’s Pick

As well as being nicely crafted and sophisticated, what makes this design stand out from the rest is its combined use of a minimal colour palette and the natural colour of the materials. Using only black and a small hint of red mixed with the brown craft cardboard, the near absence of colour, along with the brown of the bottle and the cream of the tin can, makes the colour composition for this product its main appeal. Building on that is the technical style of the illustration: its simplicity and execution render it so powerful with respect to the product identity. Adding the icon to a natural colour string, and on the inside of the cap, gives a final touch to a product to be proud of.”

– Stefan Canuel RGD

A popular and well-known craft beer in Ontario, Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale is a premium product made with certified organic ingredients and spring water. With the ten-year anniversary of Lug Tread in 2016, and the addition of a new packaging format in 2017 – the 355mLcan – it was the perfect time to refresh the suite of Lug Tread packaging. The custom box was redesigned to put the iconic tractor front and Centre, using a die cut to create a dynamic tractor-shaped format that stands alone in the craft beer industry. A custom tractor-pattern lace holds the bottles secure and displays a hang tag with additional product information. The package design for the four-pack of bottles was also carried through to the 355mL can four-pack packaging. The finish on the can is matte and soft to the touch. The decision to place the four cans within a custom box reflects the premium level of the product and helps to further connect the can and bottle packaging consistently.

Main neon illustration for the Cyber Awareness Campaign by Deloitte

Cyber Awareness Campaign by Deloitte

Judge’s Pick

The neon illustration style is eye-catching and fresh, there is consistent use of typography and colour throughout all the pieces that makes it recognizable, and all the design elements are spot-on. What a well thought out, comprehensive and well executed initiative!

– Tanja Taylor RGD

Currently in its second phase (first phase launched in November 2016), Deloitte’s Cyber awareness campaign is intended to generate awareness and explain the journey organization scan take to get from “hoping for the best” to being “cyber prepared”. A large integrated marketing campaign incorporates POV, infographics and social media, and the digital campaign includes a custom interactive landing page with a self-assessment tool. The visual is based on the idea of “the light at the end of the tunnel” where the light represents the cyber awareness and the darkness/shadows represent the menace of not being prepared. Neon sign stylized visuals worked to catch the eye and comfort the user with something familiar and fun. The page has had great success, with lots of responses, and has generated a lot of attention from other member firms and Deloitte’s global office, who want to push the campaign at a global level.

Lululemon's Immersion invites closed and stacked on the right. On the left, an open invite showcasing the multiple layers

The Immersion Invite by Lululemon

Judge’s Pick

I thought it was quite clever and a unique way to engage the recipient and create a sense of discovery. It was like opening a gift and then like a Russian doll, there is another level to see. By the end when the whole package was displayed as a kind of abstract flower, it Madame wish I was invited to the event.”

– Josh McInerney RGD

To catch the attention of50 busy global influencers, invitations were sent for the chance to join elite yoga and meditation teachers for a special all-included 5-dayretreat with the theme, “YOUARE YOUR JOURNEY.” We wanted to create an invitation that would be impactful enough that recipients would want to share in their own social channels. The paper invitation was a journey of self-discovery in itself, with a series of thought-provoking questions printed on nested envelopes. Visually, the minimalist textures and patterns were influenced by the idea of immersing yourself in water. The black exterior wrap and envelope adds mystery and the layered colors inside were chosen to compliment the event locations. The paper is tactile and stippled and the pins in the center close the invite experience with a memorable take away. The result was a shareable and interactive invite experience.

Deloitte HC Trends informational flyer

Deloitte Canada HC Trends 2017 Campaign (British Columbia) by Deloitte

Judge’s Pick

Creativity meets exquisite design with Deloitte Canada’s HC Trends 2017 campaign. It is a fantastic example of the skills of in-house designers and their creative teams as well as what they can achieve when given the freedom to do so.

– Michelle Hopgood RGD

Deloitte University Press conducts an annual global survey and creates a Global Human Capital Trends report for each year. Deloitte Canada takes the Canadian data from the global survey to create a report for Canadian businesses. As a spin-off publication, the Canadian report uses the global visual for the campaign, which included game board graphics from illustrator Lucie Rice from Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency. The team worked with Lucie to make modifications and add a Canadian angle. Information is broken up into sections to showcase the important data. The gameboard theme brings readers through an 8-page gatefold (or 8-page PDF, when viewed online). The creative was very well received by the marketing team and Human Capital professionals, as well as clients.

Project 31 publication cover

Project 31 by OCAD University

Judge’s Pick

I love the design for this event. The excellent balance of retroelements and treatment of images lends itself to being very versatile across all mediums. The strict consistency of the style and elements throughout all pieces makes for a strong and attractive look to promote, which is likely what helped make this event such a success.

– Matthew Rocca RGD

Project 31 is an auction event offering up stunning paintings, photography, multi-media work, sculptures, illustration and digital media by OCAD University’s talented faculty members and alumni. Participating artists choose an area of need they wish to support through the sale of their work, such as scholarships, bursaries for students in financial need or the purchase of specialized studio equipment. Designed with the master OCAD U brand in mind, the handcrafted font became the key design element of the event and collateral. The animated font for the landing page added visual interest. The process of planning and executing this project required seamless working relationships between print, web, social, event marketing and event staging. The Project 31 fundraising auction on March 29, 2017 was a tremendous success, raising more than $200,000 overall in support of OCAD U students.

Series of four (4) posters a part of the CBC News Investigates Campaign

CBC News Investigates Campaign by CBC

Judge’s Pick

A powerfully simple concept that says a lot with very little. The photographic treatment conveys the passion, dedication and grit of the reporters. The platform allows for countless iterations and still stays fresh.

– Edmund Lam

The goal of this project was to increase audience awareness that CBC News is a leader in investigative journalism. The campaign focused on journalism, authenticity and transparency, using behind the scenes photography and B/W treatment to tell an authentic story of trusted journalism. Working with a short turn-around time, the team had to manage tight deadlines for outdoor companies with only two weeks to go from concepting to delivering final art. The campaign helped solidify the CBC brand not only as a leader in news coverage, but also as a force in investigative journalisms well.

Ryerson University's Sustainability Yearbook digital cover and spread

Sustainability Yearbook by Ryerson University

Judge’s Pick

Superlative in nearly all areas. The designers have taken a very large amount of material (quantitative and qualitative) and presented it in a compelling and extremely visually interesting manner. The bright colour palette, use of pull quotes, photos and infographics create an end product which is a joy to read. While all the Ryerson submissions were excellent, this one is, in my opinion, the best.

– Christopher Moorehead RGD

Committed to pursuing amore sustainable campus, Ryerson University wanted to create a report that would highlight the progress of the environmental initiatives on campus for the 2016-2017year. Closely informed by the university’s academic plan, Ryerson’s Sustainability Yearbook informs the school’s activities, scholarly research, policies and built environments. As the first publication of its kind for Facilities Management and Development, many stakeholders were required to provide approval under a short timeline to meet the deadlines for this project. The early response and feedback have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Originally intended as an online-only publication, the result successfully convinced the organization to put budget into having hard copies printed as well.

Sketches and final product of CBC Vancouver Ugly Christmas Sweater Campaign

CBC Vancouver Ugly Christmas Sweater Campaign by CBC

Judge’s Pick

The designer pays homage to the CBC and its history while incorporating thematic Vancouver elements within the design that are both expected on some level, yet on closer look has the viewer giving additional consideration. The high-contrast color, simple yet emotive elements and unique ‘pride of wear’ appeal result in a true conversation piece that many people would want to have for the holiday season.

– Lindsay Robertson

As part of the local station strategy, CBC’s local partner wanted to create a fun and hip retro-inspired “must-have” swag item. The item needed to have a winter West Coast Canadian look and feel for the holidays. To create the ‘Ugly Sweater’ and socks, the design needed to work with the number of stitches per inch, while creating symbols that were impactful yet simple enough to be legible in a knitting format. The items were sold at a CBC pop-up shop for an exclusive run and helped to create and reinforce a unique personality for CBC Vancouver as a station, while offering extra promotion from the people who wore it. The merchandise was also promoted via YouTube and Facebook as a hook to generate more interest in CBC’s30-year-old Food Banks Fundraiser. The campaign generated over400,000 impressions through social media and helped raise over$780,000 in total.

Westjet's branded destination derby trailer

Destination Derby Trailer by Westjet

Judge’s Pick

The Westjet designers played a pivotal role in answering the equation of Relevancy + Brand Awareness. The execution was superbly synchronized with the event, resulting in a brand experience that is fun, informative and very together. They kept the strength of the brand while customizing some of the assets for the benefit of the story telling.

– Eric Gagnon

WestJet is the long-time Official Airline of the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo/exhibition/fair/carnival/party held annually for tendays in July; known as The Greatest Outdoor show on Earth. For this year’s Stampede, the goals were to increase WestJet’s presence on the midway, highlight routes and products through conversation rather than promotion, obtain lead sand email subscribers and connect with guests. The trailer also needed to have a theme that would work with the Stampede while remaining viable at other fairs and exhibitions throughout Canada. The concept of a whimsical carnival/circus tent incorporates the WestJet brand in the colors, motifs and illustrations. The trailer has received rave reviews.

Digital preview of the logo specifications in the Brand Inspiration Guide by Dialog

Brand Inspiration Guide by Dialog

Judge’s Pick

This project shows a clean and balanced use of typography and layout and a clever use of design elements and their relation to different business areas. The branding application is well thought out and easy to understand.

– Jordan Bamforth

The marketing team at Dialog recently embarked on redesigning the existing brand guide with the goal of providing inspiration, rather than merely instruction, to help staff become better equipped brand ambassadors. The team had to stretch their creativity and design skills by working with existing key assets that could note altered in any way, such as the company logo color palette, typography, letterhead and business card design. Significant gaps were identified, and additional items designed to provide a more comprehensive and flexible system for the entire firm. Graphic designers across the country (studios in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto) worked seamlessly from different time zones to produce a truly collaborative and representational brand guide. The response to the new Brand Inspiration Guide was overwhelmingly positive. Immediate increases in both adoption and usage (500% increase in visits to the Brand Guide page on the company intranet) have led to greater consistency in branded collateral across the entire firm.

Applications of the Outsoring Engagify 2017 brand. includes logo, printed publication, and lanyard

Outsourcing Engagify 2017: People, Culture, Brand 2.0 by Bill Gosling

Judge’s Pick

This is a big undertaking for an in-house team and I can see the thinking and passion that went into the project. Updating and expanding an established brand can be a daunting project and, understanding how the design process unravels in-house, I find this project to be a great achievement. Kudos to all involved.

– Tanja Taylor RGD

The objective for this project was to redefine the organization’s brand to convey a compelling culture that would attract customers and clients from across the globe. Recognizing that the diverse people within the company are what sets it apart, the design concept focuses on the employees. A series of cultural mosaics were shared across visual platforms, including social media, and reflected in all supporting content, to create a fluid brand experience. Internal events helped build on this aesthetic and promote diversity. Social media was used to showcase the culture, brand and supporting events. Each region maintained their own Facebook page to help showcase office individuality. Internal surveys showed a 9.8% increase in Employee Engagement, which positively impacted recruitment efforts and the employee referral program. The organization also saw significant increases in social media followers, and improved reach on Facebook campaigns. The new brand successfully informs audiences about the organization while also representing and engaging the people within the company.