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Front cover of the Alumni Magazine for the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Medicine

Domtar Award

Magazine Design by University Of Toronto Faculty Of Medicine

The alumni magazine for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto is the Faculty’s main brand piece, with a reach of about28,000 recipients. Its two main objectives are to keep Faculty alumni informed of the school’s research and education initiatives and to provide an opportunity for graduates to show their school pride by displaying the magazine prominently in their waiting rooms, offices and homes. Working with a small budget, the writing and design of the magazine was produced largely in-house with some support from external photographers and illustrators. The design of the magazine needed to transcend style trends and withstand the physical wear and tear of being shared with many people. To avoid being perceived as a bland, corporate PR piece, art and photography were commissioned and created to be meaningful, but also witty, surprising and often tongue-in-cheek. The use of contemporary, modern typefaces (NB International, Tempos and Tungsten) in bold and unconventional ways, created fresh and interesting editorial layouts. A fluorescent Pantone was used in each issue for additional impact. The magazine received the 2016Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year Award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

O/M 2016 printed catalogue

IIDEX Canada Award

O/M - Catalogue

Judge’s Pick

"This is an elegant and informative piece of work that enables the brand to compete in a competitive category. It is modern and relevant and really answers the brief of creating an aspirational manifest that highlights the brand. It would be hard not to notice this one. Beautiful work!"

— Rebecca O’Donnell

O/M’s first Catalogue debuted in 2012, marking the organization’s transition from an artisan’s workshop to an industrialized company. Now/M is positioned to become an important brand in the highly competitive world of technical lighting. An aspirational manifest was creature-organizing the product families into unconventional groups—more similar to col-lections in the fashion world than the traditional interior/exterior and wall/ ceiling categories. The challenge waste develops a brand that would stand out and communicate the company’s unique narrative. Everything in this catalogue was created from scratch: images, copy, technical drawings, icons and product renderings. The final catalogue is a great reference tool for clients and employees. Likewise, it performs a powerful sales function. It represents the company’s new identity and reflects a commitment to innovation and transparency, creating a cohesive brand that reflects O/M’s essence and beliefs.

Lake Doe Donor Report Front Cover

Lake Joe Donor Impact Report by Canadian National Institute for the blind (cnib)

The objective of this project was to create a piece that would showcase Lake Jetsam’s for blind and partially sighted Canadians (kids and adults) and report on a capital campaign that raised eight million dollars to show donor show their money had been used. The piece would also be used by fundraisers as atoll for soliciting funds from donors in Muskoka and the surrounding region. As an organization that serves the blind and par-tidally sighted, CNIB’s work is designed using Clear print guidelines. This means the design was restricted from using fonts smaller than a12-point size, faded images, script or serif fonts, tone intone, etc. The challenge waste creates a high-end design on a budget, while working within these guidelines. The result was extremely well received, and to date it’s the most talked about Lake Toepiece that has been created at CNIB. This resulted in so many requests for the report from donors that it became difficult to keep up with demand.