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Nov 27, 2013

Why Are You?

Ricardo Crespo

About this video


Most people can tell you who they are, exceptional people demonstrate WHY they are...and continually deliver on the promise of who+why they are (as a unique value proposition). In this presentation, Ricardo will intelligently-provoke [INPROV© the creative thought-leadership space to understand the importance of consistent and holistic projection of the creative professionals value proposition. Learn to apply the perspective of provocation around strategic discovery communication, all the while remaining relevant and resonating with each of the brand-development stakeholders and their unique perspectives; and master the way in which you become a catalyst to project the promise of that brand as an experience. Leveraging this understanding will be key in your applied ability to differentiate in the industry; and give you an exciting, compelling perspective of differentiation (and value) as a world-class creative.


Ricardo Crespo

Ricardo is CCO with th13teen in Los Angeles. Most recently, he was SVP, Global Creative Chief, at 20th Century Fox Film. Prior to joining 20th, he held executive leadership positions including as Worldwide Chief Creative at Mattel and at notable advertising icons such as McCANN ERICKSON, Saatchi & Saatchi and Chiat/Day. He is prominently established in the design + branding industries as a pioneering creative who is driven by his manifesto of delivering against a brand’s promise through innovative thought leadership and compelling communication. He is a frequent contributor on design methodologies and the irrefutable value of RROI on strategic creative and designed communications in the branding delivery process.