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May 01, 2020 Available for 10 days

What Brand Designers Know

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What Brand Designers Know
How do you build a memorable brand? What are the tips & tricks of the trade? Senior professionals offer tips specific to their roles in packaging, brand consulting and in-house brand management.


Mooren Bofill RGD, Executive Director, Design at john st. in Toronto
Topic: Branding in the Expectation Age: How do we build successful brands today?"

Wade Convay, Interactive Creative Lead at Google Brand Studio in San Francisco
Topic: Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind, Brave - What it's like to work in-house for one of the largest brands in the world.

Robin Honey RGD, Brand Consultant in London (ON)
Topic: BRANDLINGO - Translating for success

Wilson Wong, VP of Creative Services, Creative Director at Everbrave Branding Group in Calgary
Topic: A Sneak Peek into the Brand Refresh of a Branding Agency