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May 01, 2020

What Brand Designers Know

circle with word brand in the centre and offshoots of circles with the words advertising, CRM, social, live experience (activations), digital experiences, digital products, corporate/brand identity, packaging, environmental, in-store

About this video


What Brand Designers Know
How do you build a memorable brand? What are the tips & tricks of the trade? Senior professionals offer tips specific to their roles in packaging, brand consulting and in-house brand management.


Mooren Bofill RGD, Executive Director, Design at john st. in Toronto
Topic: Branding in the Expectation Age: How do we build successful brands today?"

Wade Convay, Interactive Creative Lead at Google Brand Studio in San Francisco
Topic: Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind, Brave - What it's like to work in-house for one of the largest brands in the world.

Robin Honey RGD, Brand Consultant in London (ON)
Topic: BRANDLINGO - Translating for success

Wilson Wong, VP of Creative Services, Creative Director at Everbrave Branding Group in Calgary
Topic: A Sneak Peek into the Brand Refresh of a Branding Agency