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Apr 04, 2023

Voice Design & UX for XR by McLean Donnelly and Aisha Sheikh

McLean Donnelly, Aisha Sheikh

About this video


Voice Design: The Future of UX
Just as the rise of mobile experiences fundamentally changed UX design, so now will voice-enabled experiences. Voice-enabled experiences are changing how we live at home, how we work and how we spend our free time. Yet, just as voice-enabled experiences are changing user experiences, UX designers aren't ready for it. Voice design remains a nascent and unknown field. In this talk, McLean Donnelly shares actionable takeaways for UX designers to gain new perspectives and proficiencies in UX design for voice experiences.

UX for XR: Designing experiences in the Metaverse
The worldwide web as we know it today will drastically shift in the coming years. Rather than navigating websites as a series of connected pages, we will navigate them as a series of connected spaces. UX and graphic designers will be critical in shaping how people behave in these connected spaces. They will determine how quickly people adopt this future, and how ethically-designed our tools and experiences are. Simultaneously, VR is becoming more connected to reality. To effectively connect the digital and the physical worlds, there are many design questions to be answered: How can we design a spatial information layer that serves people with different backgrounds and cultures? How can we design for different use cases where billions of people live, work, shop, learn and interact? If the laws of physics are different in a spatial web, how should UX designers design new interactive models? How can designers consider the rules for how information is consumed through typography, motion and material design? This presentation seeks to inspire designers to look at how advancements in AR and VR will shape graphic design and how designers can begin to think about the field convergence with a more spatial layer of information.


McLean Donnelly

McLean is a Professor of UX design at the Savannah College of Art Design (SCAD). Formerly, McLean held UX leaderships positions at Shopify, Expedia and Shutterstock.


Aisha Sheikh

Aisha is a UX Architect with 15 years of experience working across North America, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Based in San Francisco, she works at Magnopus, where she uses user-centred design principles to solve complex XR design challenges. Previously, she led UX and design direction for the Expo Xplorer app – a 4km2 digital twin and cross-reality Metaverse experience for Expo 2020 Dubai. Aisha has worked at multiple startups and led major design strategy projects for Stanford Change Labs and Her design career began in her hometown, Toronto, at wayfinding and design studios Kramer Design Associates and Entro. She has worked on wayfinding and signage projects for the City of Toronto, ROM, TIFF and SickKids Hospital. She has also advised the World Bank and UNESCO on advancing creative entrepreneurship education across 15 Middle East countries. Aisha has a Bachelor of Design from OCAD and a Master of Design from McGill.