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May 02, 2017

To Be Determined

Casey Caplowe

About this video


Magazines, websites, movies, viral hits, utter disasters, prestigious awards, terrible decisions, huge deals, press fallout, world-changing campaigns, mergers and acquisitions… a lot has happened in the decade since Casey joined up with a few friends to launch GOOD, “a magazine for people who give a damn.” Today, as GOOD recently teams up with Upworthy to become an even bigger player in the media and social good landscape, Casey shares the insights and experiences earned over the course of his journey as the creative lead of this ever evolving company.


Casey Caplowe

Since GOOD began in 2006, Casey has helped to build and shape the look, feel, and voice of the brand and all of its creations. GOOD’s products, under Casey’s direction, have been widely recognized and acclaimed, including several National Magazine Award Nominations and various Webby’s. Prior to GOOD, Casey worked on two concurrent startup apparel ventures, Sport Science and Outdoor People.